Craft Memorial United Methodist Church
Saturday, January 25, 2020
Warm Friends, Fresh Faith & God's Grace

Church Council


The Church Council is a governing body of devoted church members.
Each committee Chairperson along with the Pastor, Lay Leaders, Conference Delegates,
and Members at Large make up the Church Council.
The committees meet and report to the Council.
Please contact any member of the council for your ideas, 
concerns & spiritual support.
We are "One Body" setting an example for a community of

Warm Friends, Fresh Faith, & God's Grace.

Rev. Angy Trimmer

Music Director
Karen Aigner
Church Council Chair
Bobby McCall 
Council Secretary
Sharon Tucker 
Lay Leader
William Massey
Conference Delegate
  William Massey 
Pastor/Parish Relations Chair
 Jean Saine  
Board of Trustees Chair
Tim McGowan

Finance Committee Chair
 Allen Underwood  
Financial Secretary
Sharon Tucker  
Christian Daycare Director
Jamiya Cooper
Christian Daycare Chair
William Massey
Nurture & Fellowship
Cynthia McGowan
Outreach & Missions
Carolyn Tucker
Witness & Welcome
Jean Saine
Worship Team
 Alan Luscombe
Prayer Ministry George Horne
Shepherding & Spiritual Gifts
Kate Massey 
Discipleship & Small Groups
William Massey 
New Places & New Faces
Bobby McCall 
Youth Minister
Cynthia McGowan
Youth Fellowship President
Lilly Reagan 
Membership Secretary
Memorial Committee Chair
Jean Saine 
 Scholarship Committee Chair
Church Historian    

Member at Large
Billy Oliver
Member at Large 
 Cathy Cole

Member at Large 
 Loretta Harris


Church Council 2017 Meeting Schedule (dates and times are subject to change) 

February 19 2:00 pm Winters Conference Room
May 21 2:00 pm Winters Conference Room
August 20 1:30 pm Winters Conference Room
November 19 1:30 pm Winters Conference Room