Craft Memorial United Methodist Church
Saturday, January 25, 2020
Warm Friends, Fresh Faith & God's Grace

About Us

what we do
> We serve God and our neighbor in many exciting and important ways.
> We have ministries and outreach events for people of all ages and stages of life!
> We are engaged in life changing mission work every week!
> Find out how you can JOIN US!
> We are a congregation of loving, adventurous and forward thinking people.  We love od and believe that loving our neighbor means showing it in real ways that help real people.  We are down to earth and believe that we all need to be honest about the struggles that we face and care about the struggles that you might be facing.
> We do our best to be a loving, caring and committed family with one another and for people that God sends to us, like you!  We spend time together in worship, in fellowship and FUN, in mission and service to the community, in study and in prayer.  In other words, we are doing life together in ways that change us as people.
> At CRAFT you will find a place to ask questions, none of us know it all, but we will search with you… you will find a place to learn and grow as a person and as a child of God… you will find a place to connect and belong… you will experience opportunities to make a difference in your community and discover your purpose in life.
> We believe that God loves everyone and that Jesus Christ, God’s Son, gave His life so that you might have an opportunity to be in a saving and transforming relationship with God.
> We believe that all people, even religious ones, miss the mark, hurt ourselves and each other, and that we all struggle to become the people that God intends us to be.
> We believe that in relationship with God and with the work of God’s spirit in us, we actually have an opportunity to become the new creation… with a fresh start and a clean slate… and to continue to GROW in GRACE and become more and more like Jesus!
> We believe that God’s transforming love is exactly what each of us is searching for and is the only thing that will help quiet the restlessness in our souls.  We need God.
> We believe it is the church’s job to be a place where you can love, learn, grow, serve, and discover all that God has in store for you… a beautiful place, with friends who care, accept you, encourage you and support you on your journey in life.